Cheryl Cole thanks her dentist as she's crowned woman of the year

Cheryl Cole was crowned Woman Of The Year at the Glamour Awards, at the Glamour Awards in June 2010.

And the X Factor judge thanked her dentist as she collected her trophy.

The Girls Aloud star announced at the showbiz awards event: 'Four or five years ago I'd never dreamt I'd be here amongst so many glamorous women. One person I definitely have to thank is my dentist. So thank you very much.'

Two weeks ago, Cheryl was snapped by photographers leaving Orthodontic House in Drayton Road in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, following a check-up.

This was on the same day it was announced she'd filed divorce proceedings against husband Ashley Cole.

According to the
Daily Express
some months back, Cherly Cole is an inspiration to thousands of Brits and many would like to have her smile.

And the
Daily Mail
reported that as part of Cole's makeover programme she wears Invisalign braces to help keep her teeth perfect.

The newspaper also claimed she'd had up to eight dental veneers placed.

Posted on October 06, 2010