New route for motorists in Waterdale opens


A new route around Waterdale via College Road by the Council House to Chequer Road close to the museum will be fully operational for all road users next week (Monday, 11 July).


The opening of this new route ties in with the completion of the new College Road/Trafford Way junction outside the Council House. With this route fully open, a section of Waterdale Road will be closed and part of it turned into a shared space for pedestrians and public transport. This will help connect the council’s Civic and Cultural Quarter (CCQ) development to the town centre.


Motorists will be diverted to the new permanent route for this part of town which will have traffic lights as it meets Chequer Road. Motorists will head up Chequer Road to the roundabout next to the Civic Theatre and former Girls’ School to continue their journey across the town centre. Alternatively, motorists can turn right and join Carr House Road.


Various junction improvements are taking place around Waterdale and certain junctions will be closed for short periods during these works. Waterdale Underground Car Park, other car parks and businesses in the area will remain open during the works. Signage on the approaches to Waterdale will advise users of any diversions.


Peter Dale, Director of Regeneration and Environment, said: “These road infrastructure changes and public realm improvements form an important part of the Civic and Cultural Quarter plans. The new route around the area opens up Waterdale encouraging people to walk freely between the various developments like the public square and new performance venue and the rest of the town centre. Creating a warm and welcoming feel will help regenerate the area.”


To view the latest road map showing the changes go to: Changes to road layouts in Waterdale 


The CCQ project is part funded by the European Union as part of the European Regional Development Fund’s support for the region’s economic development through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme. The £300million regeneration of the Waterdale area is being delivered by Doncaster Council and its development partner, Muse Developments.


North Midland Construction is carrying out the road infrastructure and public realm works. The enhancements will be complete in March 2012.





Posted on July 07, 2011