Dr. Ruth Brady qualified as a dental surgeon in 1981. Combining her knowledge of facial analysis, anatomy and injecting skills Ruth is now concentrating on treating patients who desire to have improvements carried out to their facial appearance. Ruth has had extensive training at an advanced level at the ‘Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute’ where she has now been asked to assist in the training of others. She uses non-surgical techniques, involving minimal recovery time.

Ruth regards the face as “the frame”, whereas she regards the teeth as “the picture”.

She believes that certain improvements to the face, especially involving the mouth and lips, enhance any dental work that has been carried out to improve the smile.

Profiles can also be improved by altering the soft tissues of the nose, lips and chin. This has a great impact on the overall aesthetics of the face and can further enhance the improvements made by orthodontic work (braces).

She believes that some treatments can be life-changing to patients who have particular areas of concern, as the improvements can have dramatic effects on the patient’s confidence levels.

There are many treatments carried out at this practice including:

. lip and cheek enhancement.

. non-surgical rhinoplasty and chin augmentation.

. softening of lines and folds around the eyes and mouth.

. brow lifts, and anti-wrinkle treatments to smooth the forehead and brow.

. treatment for ‘gummy smiles’ and for excessive teeth-clenching etc

Treatments can involve a combination of the use of resorbable dermal fillers and Botulinum A toxin (both used in many aspects of medicine and dentistry for other reasons other than aesthetics), as well as resorbable threads.

It is advised that patients, who have a particular concern, attend for an initial consultation appointment which will last for about an hour. This is a very educational session where patients are taught about the skin, the aging process and an analysis of the area(s) of concern is carried out.   ‘Before and after’ photographs are used to illustrate how treatments can achieve the desired results, using examples of her own work. (The photographs that are shown are of consenting adult patients). Ruth thinks that this is of more value to the patient than being handed a general product leaflet, showing someone else’s work!      

Advice is then given and a possible treatment plan is discussed, together with an idea of cost of treatment.

Patients find this session incredibly informative, even if they decide that they do not wish to go ahead with any of the treatments which may have been offered to them. There is absolutely no obligation for the patient to seek further treatment following the initial consultation.


The practice charges a consultation fee of £55.00 to cover this hour long session. This is then deducted from the cost of the first treatment session, should the patient wish to go ahead with treatment.

Every face is unique. Therefore, every treatment plan is unique as it is tailored to the patient. For this reason, a list of treatment costs can be very misleading.

However, as a general guide, please see below, the price range for certain common treatments:

. Botulinum A toxin (Botox/Azzalure)

 1-3 areas (crow’s feet, frown, forehead)                                                  £150- £325

. Lip enhancement (as a pair) - dermal fillers                                            £400 -£600

. Cheek enhancement (as a pair) - dermal fillers                                      £500 - £1000

. Non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)-dermal fillers                    £300 +


.Naso-labial folds (nose to mouth lines) –dermal fillers                          £300-£600


. Chin augmentation (to enhance a ‘weak’ chin) –  dermal fillers £500 +                                                                        


If you would like to book an appointment for a consultation, Ruth would be delighted to see you, so  please call The Doncaster Orthodontic Centre on 01302 732 150.

Posted on June 04, 2015